I started my computer career in 1985 by selling vertical market software solutions to car dealerships and law firms. In the ninties I moved to the Internet where I worked for an online advertising firm, managing an ad network of approximately 1000 publishers. It was here I began to see signs of net fraud, specifically advertising fraud. In 1999 I helped establish AdCops to protect my advertisers. As cybercriminals moved from false clicks to stealing credit cards to create false sales, where they received bogus commissions, I helped establish CardCops in the year 2000.

CardCops, with it's team of investigators and netseals scouring the net for compromised data and intelligence, quickly became the premier site for determining if consumers personal information was floating out in cyberspace.

In 2007, CardCops was sold to the Affinion Group in Norwalk, Connecticut. As a Vice President of their Affinion Security Center, I worked with them in marketing identity theft services to their financial partners until December of 2009.


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