If you're here there's a good chance you have an interest in cybercrime. Take a look at the new cyber highway below. You'll notice no speed limit signs........and no police. Thats because there's no global governing body to establish laws up here in cyberspace.

Over the last decade, I've established services that can help protect both the consumer and business. Some have deterred or stopped crime, but it's been frustrating because cybercriminals rarely see the inside of a jail cell. Less that 1% of all cybercrimes are investigated, less than .05% are prosecuted, and of the convictions, less than a third does actual jail time. I'm not complaining, just stating the facts per the Bureau of Statistics under the DOJ.

To their defense, law enforcement has a difficult task. They have to preserve evidence and establish who was sitting at a specific keyboard when a crime occurred. This is hard to do when the keyboard is in Kiev.

So private industry, with it's speed and ingenuity, has to come up with more ideas to thwart cybercrime. I'm working on a few but would like to also ask for your help. If you have any creative solutions or would like to collarborate on a project, please contact me.


Dan Clements

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