To my knowledge, our projects were unprecedented:

The collection of hacker tools for a museum.

The detection of over 500 hacks.

The posting of fake credit cards on an insecure server.

The creation of the first fake e-commerce site.

The creation of the first server with a fake IIS vulnerability.

The creation of the first Amnesty Program for compromised cyber data.

The detection of the first hack of a domain name registar.

The creation of the first data base of compromised cards for online merchants to check before shipping orders.

The first exposure of a live Internet Relay Chat room on national TV.

The first GPS tracked shipment that was an ordered with a stolen card.

The first occurence of live credit cards with large balances dumped into IRC rooms.

The creation of the first public data base for consumers to check to see if their data was found in cyberspace.

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